AntiLite: Chapter 5 | Delbert’s Secret


Alone in pitch blackness Delbert sat in his office.  Theodore had been right about the last few days.  Delbert was left to make a tough decision.  The World Geological Survey would no longer be able to function as it currently does without the use of electricity.

Delbert had been a geologist for a long time and knew that there were still old tricks of the trade that would still be useful even in a catastrophic situation like this.  There was a catch, he thought.  The London Branch would have to essentially go rogue.  With all hands on deck essentially becoming field agents dispersed throughout the country to monitor geological changes around the country that may be affected under these circumstances, tides for example.  Delbert’s heart sank as he realized how difficult getting usable information in pitch darkness would be, though it was not impossible.

They would need a leader to hold things together obviously and maintain communication among the agents.  Delbert began to mull over more possibilities.  He carefully made his way down to Theodore’s office.  He had something he needed to discuss with him.


There was a knock at Theodore’s door.

“Come in.  Whoever you are.”

Delbert entered.

“Theodore, you were right about everything so far, about all the crazy events that have been happening.  I need to show you something right now.  Something I’ve been working on in secret for many years.”

Theodore did not know what to think   The confession from his boss was abrupt and unexpected.

“Sure.  What did you want to show me?”

Delbert paused, remembering that Theodore was wheelchair bound and would never be able to accompany him quickly to the basement where his secret was held.

“Maybe I’ll just tell you about it.  If you can eve believe it.” said Delbert.

“Alright then.” replied Theodore.

“For several years of my life I have been digging a tunnel that leads into the earth’s crust.  Among the many interesting things housed in the crust, there are crystals which generate large amounts of  electricity independently of the power grid.  It’s a secret the power companies, mostly BPE now, have been trying to keep out of the public eye so that they will not randomly start to lose money.”

“For serious?” interjected Theodore.

“Absolutely, the hard part is getting to them.  With dedication, anything is possible though.  The tunnel is not complete yet, as I have not reached the nearest deposit.  Otherwise we would not have this power problem.  I must dedicate whatever is left of my life to searching for this crystal deposit and bringing whatever I can to the surface.   From now on you, Theodore, are in charge of operations around here. All of our other employees will be converted into field agents who will monitor geological changes in England the old fashioned way. ” stated Delbert.

“This is a lot to take in at once.” said Theodore, “I am honoured to take on my new responsibilities.”

This was the kind of big break Theodore had been looking for his whole career.

“You will be in charge of managing communication among everyone, and making sure everyone gets their jobs done properly.  You’re the man for the job!”

Theodore was delighted that Delbert believed in him so much to promote him to such a high level.

“Congratulations!  Now I must leave you.  The sooner I can get to the crystals, the sooner at least part of this problem will be solved.”

Delbert returned to his office and dictated a final message over regular phone lines to all of the employees under his care.  In it he stated the change in command along with the change in responsibilities for each unit.

Delbert then proceeded to the basement of the WGS London Branch.  He felt around on the floor til he found the latch to a trap door.  He opened it revealing a ramp like structure that descended at a steady grade into the bowels of the earth.  The odds of anyone coming into this room were slim.  Theodore was the only one to know about the room’s existence  Delbert left the trap door open, so he could get back.

Delbert turned toward the black abyss and marched on in.   Progress would not be made just standing there.

“For England.” he said softly to himself as he pressed on further on his journey into the crust.

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