One Day Left: The Orderly

Let me tell you about where we are heading.  We’ll leave Jared to his dreary life for a bit.  I am headed to the local hospital.  It won’t take long to get there because I am not bound by time, space, or traffic for that matter.  Look we’re already there.  Apparently it takes 15 minutes to get here by car on a good day, so I’ve heard.

We are going to meet my beloved friend Eryn.  Eryn works as an orderly, because she takes orders from those above her.  Really she cleans the bed pans, makes the beds, all the supposedly dirty work that doesn’t involve needing fully finished medical training.

Eryn is 22 years old, she aspires to be a doctor, and this is part of the path she must take to get there as she works her way through medical school as well.  She is a fine woman, inside and out, but every time she looks in the mirror she can’t stand what she sees.

That’s where I come in.  I cause her to think in such ways as you’ll see soon.  It gives me such pleasure.  Poking at her success thus far has not deterred her into the negative tailspin that I enjoy so much.

You want to punch me, don’t you.  Too bad you can’t see me and I have no actual mass.  Good luck with that.  Wait.  Here she comes.  Let me get into position and I’ll be right with you.


Eryn rounds the corner, heading down the long, well lit, hallway where I am currently standing.  I can stand if I want to, don’t freak out!  She can’t see me of course.  She is talking to her mentor Delores, a 50-year-old Registered Nurse who is overseeing Eryn’s development in the field.  Their current topic of conversation intrigues me.  There’s plenty of space for me to manipulate things and have a lot of fun.  I love hanging out with Eryn!  She is a dear friend to me, though her feelings for me are certainly not likewise.  I guess I’ll never figure out why.

I force my way thorough Eryn’s left ear, she can’t feel a thing.  I make my way through the thicket of blood vessels and nerves til I finally reach her cerebral cortex.  Oops, gave away the secret route.  Oh well, you’ll never get here.  I sit and listen, waiting for my chance to have fun.

“How is the day finding you, child?” asked Delores.

“I’m ok, I guess,” Eryn pauses,  “had a nasty breakup with my boyfriend last night.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” empathized Delores.

The pair reach the next room they are responsible for.  They turn abruptly to the right and enter it.

Eryn begins diligently stripping the bed.

“It’s been really tough.” she said to Delores as she piled the soiled sheets and blanket into a nearby cloth bin on wheels designated for soiled bedding.  “You’ve been married for a long time.  How have you managed to accomplish that?”

“Well, child” said Delores, “it takes two, two people to commit from the start, and not take divorce for an answer. It’s not easy.”

I see my a mirror behind Eryn.   Here’s my chance to interrupt the conversation.

“Look in the mirror, Eryn!” I taunt.  “you will never love again!  You’re going to die alone, except with cats!  Yes, cats, and they will all hate you!  Except when you feed them of course.”

Eryn shifts her gaze to the mirror on the opposite wall.  She shakes her head and speaks.  “Delores, maybe if I had done more to look better or act better, I could have kept him interested in me.”

“Listen, woman!  You are a fine, hard-working lady!  A man who can’t see that after being around you for as long as this boy has is not worth your time.  Someday, perhaps sooner than you think, you, yes you, will make his whole life.  It won’t be flowers and roses all the time, but it’ll be worth it.” exclaimed Delores

Eryn smiles.

This is ridiculous!  Eryn is usually such an easy target.  I was so close to getting the reaction I wanted!  Nobody is listening to me.  I’m going to go find Jared and see if I have any more luck with him.  That kid can’t be tough as nails forever.  He’s going to crack eventually!

I storm out of Erin’s brain with a torrential pace.  Jared will be just finished his second morning class if my timing is correct.  That means lunch time is next and that’s plenty of time for some action.

Wish me luck!

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