Racing Flashback: 2001 Daytona 500 Finish

February 18, 2001, the beginning of a new season, and new era of racing in NASCAR. FOX SPORTS gets its first gig at brodcaasting NASCAR, Darrell Waltrip gets to try broadcasting for the first time after an excellent NASCAR career. His brother Michael Waltrip wins his first ever race after over 400 tries. All of this topped off with the loss of a legend, Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bliss turnes to grief in an instant for Michael Waltrip (and a lot of other people) Dale owned the winning car but he never got to congratulate Waltrip, because Earnhardt was rushed to hospital after wrecking in the fourth corner on the last lap. Earnhardt would die from injuries sustained from that crash.


Steve Park, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Cars Earnhardt owned), and Kevin Harvick (Dale Sr.’s replacement) would all win races throughout the rest of the season to help the sport heal from its loss.

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