TTD Chapter 9: Newness

Ted walked into work with some extra swagger the following day.  He didn’t even know he had swagger before this moment.  He went to visit his basement office to find an envelope on his desk.  Ted ripped it open and read.

Meet me in my office x0


No punctuation.  No seriousness.  Ted couldn’t believe they were at that level already.  Ted couldn’t believe that they would be at any level.  He always saw Nicole as a strong, confident woman who was great to work for.  Never in a million years would Ted assume that their friendship become any more than boss and faithful employee typist.

I guess you couldn’t really call it a friendship anymore.  They had jumped a few levels quite quickly.  The letter and last night’s dinner confirmed it.  Ted was dating the boss.  He knew he couldn’t tell any of his other colleagues because they would properly resent him for having special treatment.  Ted had no idea what the treatment would look like, what with everything happening so recently and so very quickly.  He knew one thing.  He had to get up to Nicole’s office.

Running up the stairs and down the hall, Ted was suddenly grasped in a half headlock and shifted in an entirely different direction.

“Come on!  Let’s go to the roof!”  Nicole shouted.

Ted allowed himself to be dragged along by her early morning enthusiasm.  Upon reaching the roof Ted saw a wheel barrow full of six large letters.  On the edge of the building were two harnesses.

“Suit up!”  Nicole commanded.  “I thought this could be a fun thing for us to do together on our second date.”

Ted did what he was told.  Nicole was clearly in charge of this relationship and she was making sure Ted knew from the very beginning.

Togehter they added the letters “& Burns” to the bottom of the sign.  Ted had never repelled before, but he was not about to show fear in front of Nicole.  It was really hard to fake it though.  By his third time over, Ted finally had it figured out and was actually enjoying this new activity.

When they were finished, Ted admired the new addition to the sign.  He was dating the boss and it was finally sinking in that he was also a partner in the business.   Ted’s life was going to be alright for a long time to come.  He couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

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