What is Remembrance Day?

Remembrance Day in Canada is much like Veterans Day in the United States.  Those who remember to do so wear poppies to commemorate the sacrifice of many soldiers and military personel who gave it all in fighting for our physical freedom.  Freedom that we take for granted every day.

“Remembrance Day is not a glorification of war but a celebration of peace”

-Dr. Brian MacArthur.  (President of Crandall University)

And a celebration of peace it should be.  Peace and freedom that was bought with a cost.
With most of the emphesis today being placed on the soldiers who fought for our freedom.  This topic brings to mind someone else who fought a different kind of war for a different kind of freedom.  that someone is Jesus Christ.  Christ, out of his massive love for humanity, made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity by laying HIS life on the line to fight for our spiritual freedom and give us a way out of our sinful nature which was (and still is) extremely displeasing to God.  The punnishment for our sinful nature is death.  We all deserve it because God is righteous.  However, God is also loving and merciful.  Through the grace of God, He sent his only son Jesus (who was and is perfect and without sin) to be crucified on a Roman cross for our sinful nature.  (Three days later, because God is awesome, he would raise Jesus from the dead and they would be reunited)

In sacrificeing himself for our benefit Jesus conquered death and Hell, and bridged the gap between humanity and God once and for all so that we migt be able to once again, if we so shoose have a relationship with God and eventually live with him in paradise.

Jesus was totally righteous, he did not have to die for our sins, but did so because it was the will of the Father, because he loves us.

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