Complain or Conversation?

Here’s one of those posts where I might make a generalization or two.

I’ve been noticing a trend lately on al the social media outlets I’m involved in.  People seem to be more interested in posting about the things they can’t stand versus the things they’re interested in or enjoy doing.  Take Facebook for example, it used to be a fun place to share pictures and you could post interesting things to the timelines of your friends.  Now it’s spiraled into “I’ve got something to complain about, I must post about it right now!  People must share in my rage!”  The truth is, I scroll right by these things without giving them much thought.

People tend to react better to rational conversations than getting their news feeds flooded.  Some issues need changing, most are just people upset with the outcomes of things.  Anyone can passively complain about something on Facebook, but if you want real change it takes physical action on your part beyond writing statuses (Stati?).  Have actual, rational conversations with individual people (protests don’t count).  People like a good conversation.  Physically get involved on an inside level with the thing you want to change.  When people go on and on about how much they hate something on Facebook it makes me think that they might secretly like it.  After all, they can’t get enough posts in there about it.  Thus it accomplishes the opposite of what the person was trying to do in the first place.

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