Exit: As Real As It Gets

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Another ten minutes passed.  Richard made his way from the beach, crossing over the breakwater where he had had his original embarrassment the night before.  He was about to transition from sand to undergrowth when a woman came crashing, rather undignified for a lady, out of the trees and rushed to embrace him.

“Hello Olive!”  Richard spoke into her shoulder.  He felt something different about this encounter.  For the first time,  Richard could actually feel Olive in his arms, and he liked it.

“If I’m not being terribly forward, would you pinch me, Olive.”

Olive said “If that’s what you want,” and proceeded to pinch Richard.

To Richard’s surprise he did not immediately wake up in an awkward spot in the cabin.  Then to take his surprise to another level, Olive kissed him.  That felt as real as it ever gets.  Richard had never been happier.  He had stumbled upon absolute paradise in every way, and on every level.

“Come, Richard!  Let me show you life beyond the beach,” instructed Olive.

Richard gladly followed his beautiful new lady friend through the trees and undergrowth for quite some time.  He had so much to ask her and so much to learn.

Fortunately the two would have plenty of time to talk of many things over the coming days.  This was not a dream.  This was something much better.

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