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Much has been made about where Kurt Busch might end up racing in 2012 (Especially on my blog!).  But there is equal interest as to who will drive the car Kurt Busch vacated.  Here is what one pundit has to say on that issue.

The last few days we’ve been reading about Richard Petty Motorsports’ flirtation with Kurt Busch and how that impacts not only sponsor Best Buy, but current RPM driver A.J. Allmendinger. Obviously one of two things will happen, Best Buy packs up and goes to sponsor Matt Kenseth as they strive for what they consider relevancy out on the track. The other is Busch is brought in to replace Allmendinger in the famous #43 car with Best Buy on board. Notice each scenario puts Allmendinger in a bad spot, he either doesn’t have sponsorship or worse, doesn’t have a ride.
Or is it worse he wouldn’t have a ride? Remember no driver has been announced for the #22 Dodge that Busch a few weeks ago. Everyone (media) had David Ragan penciled in for that car starting hours after Busch left. But yet, nothing has been announced other than Penske Racing would talk to Ragan and Ragan had his release from Roush-Fenway Racing. Everyone thought it would be a quick process to get Ragan or someone else in and go from there. Instead we’re playing the waiting game, and why? Maybe Roger Penske is betting on exactly what is unfolding at RPM as we speak. A driver who no one thought would be available, like Allmendinger, is going to be available because the team, in this case RPM, is willing to dump them for Busch’s influx of sponsorship appeal (see TAG Heuer deal) and championship provisional.

In our scenario, a young driver with tremendous upside and has been improving week after week in decent equipment is available versus a young driver who’s shown us nothing with top line equipment. Allmendinger also appeals to Penske’s love of open wheel driving too, having come from the Indy style cars. If this is the way Penske goes, or if someone else unexpected shows up unemployed, this will be one of the greatest moves ever. Unfortunately for people named David Ragan, he might just get the shaft one more time in his career.   There’s always a Subway hiring, David, life isn’t so bleak!

I believe both Kurt Busch and David Ragan will end up somewhere.  Busch is a great driver, and Ragan isn’t too bad either.  Almendinger will probably land a ride too…or keep the one he already has

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