TOA Chapter 12: Newton’s Office

Calgary, Alberta CANADA | Monday April 7 2070 | 11:30 am MDT

Newton was puttering away on a research and development project while the rest of the hardware staff was busy mass producing his opus.

Newton’s promotion granted him special privileges, like beginning work on new projects before the rest of the group got a taste of them.  Newton loved being on the cutting edge.  The pay raise wasn’t too bad either.

Newton leaned back in his chair and smiled.  For the first time in his career he was genuinely happy.

The advertising campaign had worked tremendously well and orders for the Thought Transmitter were coming in from hospitals all over the country.  On the news the night before, Prime Minister James Slone had made an official law that made it mandatory for every citizen to have this device surgically installed.  It was for the betterment of society, and ZSoft was getting incredibly rich.  It was the best of both worlds

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Newton pressed the unlock button and rose from his desk.

Jennifer stood before him in all her beauty.

He ushered her in and closed the door behind her.

“Hey you!” said Jennifer.  “I had a few minutes, thought we might share lunch in your office.

She sat on the edge of his desk and nibbled on an apple.

Newton wanted to take the apple away kiss her.  They had become so close in a very short amount of time.

Before he could actually do that, Newton’s office door flew open.  Zeke Sabates rushed in and smashed Newton’s head against his desk.

“How dare you even think of kissing my daughter!!!!”  screamed Zeke indignantly.

Jennifer couldn’t help but smile when she heard what would have been coming her way if her father had not barged in.

Newton looked at him, eyes wide.  “Have you been privately streaming all my thoughts?  That’s not what this project is about.”

“Yes I have!” said Zeke confidently, “and it’s a good thing too.  There’s no telling what you would have done to my daughter if I had not appeared at your door.”

“I was not going to have sex with your daughter!  I love her!”  replied Newton confidently.

“Oh really!  You LOVE her?” Zeke laughed, “this is precious.  When did you become such a gold digger, Jennifer?”

“Daddy!  I am not a gold digger!” pouted Jennifer.

“Sure you’re not.  Why can’t you date someone your own age?” growled Zeke.

“But Daddy… I love him too.”

“Come with me darling.  We are going to have a talk.”  stated Zeke.

Zeke escorted Jennifer out of Newton’s presence.

Newton promptly found some ice to fight the swelling wound on his head.

If Zeke could actually read all of his thoughts, he wondered what exactly he had been thinking during that fight.

Newton searched his desktop for the receiver program.  It was suspiciously absent.

“That fool!”  thought Newton of Zeke.  “I am going to have to have a word with him.”

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