TOA Chapter 3: The Grizzly

Calgary, Alberta CANADA | Wednesday April 2, 2070 | 12:05 am MDT

Zeke Sabates relaxed in his leather office chair  in his immaculate office.  It can be assumed that his office was very large because the prominent lake that resided in Lincoln park, now resided within the immense confines of his office.  Of course he had to come up with a water filtration system in order to keep the water in his own personal lake fresh.  One of the many reasons Zeke personally enjoyed working the night shifts at his company was that he could swim whenever he desired, as the majority of his employees had headed home for their night’s rest.  Those who worked perimeter security over night, never bothered Zeke, so he could swim to his heart’s content.  He could spend time colouring the flecks of grey out of his hair.  Some habits stand the test of time.  Zeke stepped out of his lake, he was all muscle and of average height  Zeke never allowed anyone to see him without making sure his hair was the perfect shade of what he liked to call “Power Brown.”  The mid night privacy also allowed Zeke to  finalize deals to help advance his company’s position in the world.  He took a page out of Mayor Fyfe’s book and made his decisions himself without any other input.  Another reason he worked the night shift.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Zeke reached over his highly polished mahogany desk and answered it.

“ZSoft Industries, Zeke speaking, what can I do for you?”

Zeke liked his clients to be on a first name basis with him.  He felt it helped ease things along with the negotiation process.

“Hello Zeke, this is Gene Cleveland, from Calgary Health Unlimited.  I was just calling to confirm our plans.”

“Ah yes! Our plans.”  said Zeke with much suspense.

“Did you manage to convince your lead engineer to agree to work on our project?” asked Gene.

“I have yet to speak to him,”  said Zeke “I will do that first thing tomorrow morning.  I am sure he will be on board….he works for me, he’d better be on board!”

“Do you still think he’s the man for the job?” inquired Gene

“Yes, I am certain!  Mr. Hiltz is my best engineer!” enthused Zeke

“How long do you think it would take him to come up with a prototype?”  Gene asked.

“One day, maybe two tops.  Is that quick enough for you” Zeke questioned.

“That does sound impressive considering the scale of the operation.  Your company stands to make a large sum of money from this project, both in Alberta and around the world”  informed Gene.

Zeke drooled, he was lucky this was a phone call.

“I am deeply aware of that, sir.”

“Good.  Talk to your man and get back to me as soon as possible and we shall work out a contract on a HOLO connection”  Gene said curtly.

“Will do” said Zeke.

The call was cut abruptly.   Zeke stretched, got out of his chair, and went for a swim in his lake.  It was a brief swim, he had to get home before his wife started to worry about him.  He was fortunate she was a deep sleeper and would not hear him enter their home.

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