Down Time

My life seems to have a lot of down time in it lately, which is nice.  I’m not complaining, it gives me more time to read my Bible and do other things people might get behind on, but I go on Facebook and I see all my friends bragging about how productive their lives are, whether it is that they just got married, bought a house, or had a kid.  I on the other hand, got up, ate breakfast, went to work, and came back home.  That’s been the way of it for the last while now.  I am working toward larger goals…but it’s taking a lot longer than I ever expected to accomplish those.

In the Bible I read about how quickly and productively Jesus and his disciples were able to get things done throughout their ministry together, or the apostle Paul for example, and I wonder if I got something wrong or am being lazy in some way.  Even God took a day to rest after creating the earth….but weeks or months?  No.  Then I wonder if God is pleased with me at all.  I know He loves me.  There’s no doubt about that, but being loved by someone and actually pleasing them are two different things as far as I know.

I wonder how it is you know for sure that the time you spend in leisure is actually pleasing to God?  I know, when it’s not.  If I spent my down time sinning all the time, He certainly wouldn’t be pleased with that.

But what about the sins I commit in my leisure time that I have yet to be convicted of (or the ones I don’t know about yet) that are no doubt equally displeasing to God?

This is where prayer comes in.  I need to ask God to show me the areas I need to work on, even in my down time  Jesus wants me to love him with everything I’ve got, which would include my down time.

There’s probably other things I need to do too…but I can’t think of what they would be at the moment.

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