Fine Line: Completed By Default

Chapter 1

“It’s over, Henry!”  Sage shouted from the middle of the living room, in the small house that Henry owned.

“Woman, I can hear you!”  Henry cried from the couch that was a mere foot from her face.  “My ears work perfectly!”

“You have no goals!  I can’t be with someone like that!”  Sage screamed.  She turned her back on Henry, seeing herself out the front door of the bungalow with a flourish.  It would have been quite the scene to see.  Alas, Henry could not see as an unfortunate work related accident he had suffered not a month ago had left him completely and utterly blind.

Sage was the second woman to leave him on such short notice.  The first had been his prom date.  That was years ago, but it still stung a bit.   Since the accident, Henry had found comfort in meeting new female friends down at the local bar.  They semed to enjoy helping him with his sudden new change in life.  He was just now getting into the rhythm of using his white cane.  It was a magnet for help, and temporary friendship.  Henry had burnt out both his retinas in a welding accident at his former place of work.  His boss had laid him off once it was discovered that Heny’s retinas would not be able to be restored. “You can’t weld for me if you can’t see!”  He had said callously, before putting Henry into a cab and sending him home.

Sage had been a blessing to Henry, before and during his crisis.  She would help him pick out the right groceries, and colour coordinate his outfits, even though there was nobody to impress anymore.  Just as quickly as she had shown up in his life, now, Sage was gone.

Henry sat on his  couch and wondered what to do next.  A darkness came over him.  A darknes Henry had rarely felt before, and never at this intensity.  Henry began to sink into depression.

Chapter 2

How could you leave a blind man all alone?

Sage had nothing to worry about.  She confidently drove out of Henry’s driveway, assuring herself she had done more than was necessary for him.  She had, after all, purchased enough groceries to last him a month.  This is more than what a normal friend would do for him.  Yet the feeling nagged her like a spike slowly being driven into wood.  Nevertheless, she reminded herself that in two weeks time, she would be on to her next relationship with a man who could actually see, and subsequently provide for her properly.  She was just doing what any strong woman who got caught in a dependant relationship would do.  Constant babysitting was not what she signed up for, and that was not what she was going to do.

Chapter 3

How did it get so bad? Henry wondered.  Months ago he had been a world class welder.  Now he was lying on his couch, with a bag of chips in his lap, and drool coming out of both corners of his mouth.

If it hadn’t been for the accident, Henry would still be a real man.  If the mask had not flipped up at the worst possible time.   If his retinas had not been completely burned out.  If his optic nerve had not melted, Henry would still be happily providing for himself, and perhaps someone special.

Alas, this was his life now, and he had to figure out what to do next.



It’s time to admit what you all know.  This short story isn’t going anywhere.  Fainlure is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes, it frees you up to work on your more successful projects.  For those of you who, on the off chance, may have thought this would turn into a novel, you’d be mistaken.  Sorry for any sadness this causes, but for those of you who are relieved, you are welcome.

Stay tuned for more other things though.

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