FP Chapter 5: The Simulator

“It’s nice to see a familiar face in this unique part of the world.”  Dale said.

“Indeed.  Let’s get your bags.”  Colt replied.

Dale met Colt face to face at the Fairbanks airport.  After he picked up his luggage, Colt drove him back to Blue Truck.

After more meetings with top brass it was now time for Dale to undergo real training.  First he was directed to pee into a cup to make sure he had no drugs in his system that would influence the results.

Upon passing that,  Dale met with Peter, the simulation instructor.

“We’re going to put you into a life like truck and run some tests.”  Peter said.

Dale stepped into the simulator.

“I’m going to set you up on a regular highway now.”  Peter mentioned.

Dale could feel everything in the truck as if he was going down the highway.

“This is very realistic for being fake.”  Dale said.

“I know.”  Peter said.  “Let’s switch you to an ice road.”

Immediately all the grip Dale was accustomed to went away.  So much so that he flipped his simulated truck over.  It felt like he actually rolled one in real life.

“Yeah, I’m going to start you over after that performance.  You have to do everything slower on ice.”

Dale slowed down everything on his second attempt and found he had more success.  Peter was eventually happy with the results Dale was producing.

“I am going to give you a pass on the simulator after all.”  Peter said.

“I’m so happy!”  Dale exclaimed.

Tomorrow you’ll start training in a real truck with an instructor to watch you.  Keep an eye on that lead foot of yours.  He certainly will.”  Peter mentioned.

“Thank you, sir.”

Dale left.  It was a good day.  He would sleep well at the bargain hotel he was staying at temporarily.

Dale called his father after he returned to his room.

“Hey Dad!  I passed my simulation test!  They’re going to put me in an Ice Road Truck tomorrow!”

“That’s awesome.”  Sid replied.  He was trying to restrain his enthusiasm.

The two men spent the next hour catching up on things.  Then it was time for Dale to go to sleep.  He had an early day tomorrow, and it was important that he be awake for it.

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