Games Night

It was a Friday night, some friends of mine were actually all free at the same time.  So we decided to meet up and have a games night.  Board games were something we all loved and it had been a while since we could all get together to play one.

However, tonight was different.

There were 6 of us, a good number for a team game.  We decided to play Cranium.  Elaine, who you’ll remember from the last story, was on my team. That made for two extremely bright people on the same team.  Obviously we were going to win!

As it turned out, I kept getting all the ones where I had to draw stuff…not the easiest thing in the world to do.  I was hoping we’d get more of the intellectual things….but it was not to be.

Our other four friends were dominating us.

Finally we got lucky and got one of the ones where we had to act out a scene without words and the other teams had to guess what we were doing before the time ran out.

The scene we had to act was a Karaoke Bar.

Elaine gets up and starts to mime singing and I grabbed a glass, I was going to mime drinking….enthusiastically.  The thing is I didn’t notice that the glass  I had was full of water.  I have trouble seeing transparent things inside other transparent things.

So I ended up spilling it all over me and making a huge fool of myself in front of my friends.

At least they guessed the answer correctly.


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