It’s Under Warranty

My laptop quit on me about a month or so ago.  That is the main part of this story.  I pulled off every trick I knew of in order to try and fix it.  I then took it in to a good friend of mine to get an opinion on what was up.  (His whole business is fixing these sorts of problems so I knew he could be of great help!)  He diagnosed it as a motherboard issue (which is pretty much what I thought it was) and if it was still under warranty I should see about getting it replaced.  (Good thing I bought the extended warranty and service package).

So I took it into the establishment which I purchased it from (said establishment does not deserve to be named) and their tech guys had a look at it.  Their diagnosis “It’s a software problem…and that’s not covered on your warranty.”  The particular warranty covers hardware failures only..  For those of you who don’t know, when a motherboard fails in a computer, that is a hardware issue.  (which is exactly the conclusion my good friend and I had come up with).  The tech guys at said establishment then try to reformat Windows onto my laptop.  (if the motherboard is dead…that won’t happen) they then realize that they can’t and send it away somewhere far away from where I am for further evaluation…because they still want to believe that it’s a software issue so they don’t have to come through on their warranty.

When will this saga end?  I have no idea!    But a warranty is a warranty so sooner or later they’re going to have to come up good on it and face the facts that it is indeed a hardware issue, which is indeed covered…which ultimately means even though they’re trying to, they’re not going to rip me off.

When getting your computer fixed…always trust the “little guy” …He won’t rip you off…because he knows it’s bad for business.

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  1. This sounds like a super frustrating experience

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