Mark Martin

Since the begining of the 7:30 show, we’ve wanted to interview Mark Martin (also known as the cardboard cut out who attends most birthdays and family events) but…as you may have noticed…WE HAVEN’T!
SO just thought i’d put a quick news update…that Mark is lost..still lost, and we have not been able to find him. The day will come when we interview Mark Martin, I personally think he’s just camera-shy and has been hiding somewheres in the house for the past year. When the day comes that we interview him we’d like that there are no ‘hater’ comments…and if there are some non-mark-martin-fans…to please keep to themselves so that Mark doesn’t feel the need to be sad and run off again.

Bethany..and Brian once he reads this.

Ps. Mark don’t be afraid to come out! We will be greatful for your presence when you do.

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  1. Pretty sure the real Mark Martin is not lost. Just clearing that up.

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