Marriage: Human Right? or Privilege?

You see it all over Facebook, and the news.  People posting about how everyone, no matter who or what they want to marry should have the right to marry that person or thing.

Yes, the types of marriage combinations are endless today.  You have the traditional marriage, but some people several years ago thought that that wasn’t enough and started to fight for members of the same sex to have the “right” to marry as well.  Now the fight for the “right” to marry has shifted to those who aren’t really sure what gender they are or want to be.  Others are more concerned that people would also have the “right” to marry objects, like bridges, cars, ferris wheels…their own hand etc.  I’m surprised that they haven’t tried fighting so hard for polygamy…not that I’m advocating for it or anything…just with all the other strangeness out there, you’d think they’d get around to that one too.

My question is, since when is marriage actually a right?

If it is, how come governments are not pushing everyone who is an adult to get married?  Perhaps people are fighting for these strange pairings just so they have something to do.

God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman, and the very best lasting marriages are centered around Him…not just the first person we happen to see one night.  His timetable is not the same for each person either.  He is the one in charge of all the match making, and He certainly doesn’t provide us with spouses because we are entitled to or deserve them.  If we ever lose our selfishness enough to accept God’s gift of a spouse to us…should He choose to give us one at all, then that is to be viewed as a great privilege, to serve and hold her, know her, and be intimate with her for the rest of your life.  Yes for the whole rest of your life, every day.

Unfortunately, most people unfortunately can’t handle the privilege of marriage so they divorce the one they said they’d never forsake.  Makes me wonder if all this fighting for all of these unusual pairings to be able to have the “right” to marry is even worth it if they’re just going to get divorced so they can chase after other people.

Perhaps all of these allies are wasting their time.

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