Mr. Seabring

I was out walking.  As I’m walking by a house where certain college age students live, an older guy decides to fire up his Seabring.  Seeing me on the other side of the street he asks: “Do you want a ride?”

“No thanks,  I’m happy to walk.  Thank you for the offer though.”  I replied.  It was the only exercise I was going to get for the day.  Again he asks me “Do you want a ride?”  So I repeat myself, stating that I really didn’t have far to go.

As I round the next corner,  I hear a car creeping up on me.  It’s Mr. Seabring.  “You sure you don’t want a ride?”

“Yes!  I’m sure, but thank you very much for your offer.”   This guy is so desperate to help anyone that he just can’t take no for an answer!

“Well then take this!  It’s yours!”

He tries to hand me what looked like food stamps or an air miles card outside the window.  I’m not sure what make him think I would need something like that.

I decline it.  I don’t know this guy.

“Alright, brother!”  He says.  Then he drives off.

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