Music Class With Sting

Yesterday I was on Youtube.  That’s no surprise.  I was  watching an old episode of a VH1 series (That’s how you can tell it’s old) called “Behind The Music.”  The episode I was watching featured Sting, the former frontman of The Police, before he launched his own solo career.  I learned a lot of interesting things I had never heard about him before.  One intriguing thing I learned was that Sting was a school teacher prior to his major musical endeavors.  In the documentary he mentioned that he enjoyed teaching his students, particularly when he got to teach them about subjects he knew a lot about.  Sting states in the documentary that he really enjoyed teaching his students music, and they would spend their classes writing songs.  Sting would teach them how to sing.

They must have had some crazy times. I can just imagine.

Sting: “Come on guys let’s sing!  ROOOOOOOXANNE!…”  (He probably didn’t write that yet…but for the sake of the story…)

A student tries to repeat what Sting just : “I can’t hit that note….”

(The rest of the kids are quiet because they already know they can’t possibly hit such a high note)

Sting: “Come one guys!  Try to sing along!  It’ll be fun!

Then they’d spend the rest of the class trying to get the kid to hit the note right.

I know I’d be intimidated if he got me to sing.  He’s very good at it …and I’m just not.

At the time they never knew what he would become.  Bet it’s probably pretty neat to be in a conversation with your friends, and you’re reminisce with them about old times.

Former Student of Sting: “Yeah I remember when Sting taught my music class back in the day”

Friend of Former Student of Sting: “Really?  That’s crazy!”  …and then it would go on from there.

Must have been interesting.


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