PFTW: Busch Clash @ Daytona

I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, and I finally got around to making this section its own logo!

It’s an exhibition race for those who have had poles in the previous year, former Daytona 500 winners, former champions.  There’s no points on the line, but there’s a race to be won.  Why not start a week early?

No Brainers

#48 Jimmie Johnson.  He is at his best when there is no pressure.  Believe it or not, lately, he is the defending race winner from a year ago.  There’s nothing left for him to prove, but it is his last season, so why not do well?

#2 Brad Keselowski.  He’s in a contract year.  Enough said.

#11 Denny Hamlin.  He needs something after the disappointment from last season.

Guys To Watch

#18 Kyle Busch.  There’s only 18 cars in this one.  He will definitely place better than his experiment with endurance racing earlier this year.

#4 Kevin Harvick.  You just have to.

#1 Kurt Busch.  There is no security like the beginning of a multi year contract.  He will go for it.


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