Ted 3 Chapter 3: Supper Out

Ted and Nicole met Lawson and Allison at an Italian restaurant on their block of town.  Who doesn’t like Pasta after all?

“So, we both have exciting news!”  Allison squealed.

“Who wants to go first?”  Lawson asked?

Sensing the only break in the conversation that night, Nicole jumped in.

“Ted and I are having a baby!”  She announced.

“So are we!”  Allison echoed, and then added, “Lawson and I.”  Just so there was no confusion to be had all around.  Discussion ensued about their hopes and dreams.

“Hopefully our child will take over our firm.”  Nicole said

“We’re going to let our kid do whatever he or she wants.  Planned life is too boring, but you do you.” Lawson retorted.

“I’ll be happy with whatever happens.”  Ted replied.  He still couldn’t believe he was going to be a father.  His life was more organized than ever before, and Ted was really beginning to enjoy that.

“I just hope we get to remain in a state of peace.”  Allison said wistfully.

The room unintentionally got dark after that moment.  Half way around the world there was a major war happening.  The four friends lived in a country where a person could take up a position against war, especially unnecessary wars, without any consequences.  A person could speak  freely without being conscripted into an army.  At least, that was the way things were working for now.

Such was not the case everywhere Tensions between Russia and Ukraine were becoming thicker by the day. If you were a Russian citizen who was against the war, you ended up fighting in it anyway. All of the baby distractions were able to free the four from news of the outside world.  However, it was becoming increasingly clear that they would be raising their respective children on a war footing.  Up to this point, Ukraine had been properly defending itself against Russia’s advances with very small amounts of help from Western nations who wanted to support their efforts but did not want to get involved and make it a third World War.  We’ve already had two, and they were not great experiences.  We don’t really want to have any more.  This was the general sentiment among anyone who had any common sense at all.  With recent news of Russia annexing four soverign Ukrainian territories just for ego’s sake, more actions were obviously on the table for everyone, as Russia was willing to defend these new illegally acquired territories by any means necessary.*

“I hope they don’t blow us all up!”  Lawson exclaimed.  “They have weird weapons, nobody has used yet.”

“I don’t want to be conscripted into some world army.”  Ted lamented.

“It’s a totally pointless thing.  All this so one man can feel more secure?”  Nicole adjudicated.

“As long as nobody presses any buttons, there is still an opportunity for peace.  No matter how unlikely it seems.  Russia could give back the stolen territory, pack up their things and go home.  Nobody else would have to die.  Then the rest of the world could help Ukrain rebuild instead of having to fight.”  Allison said.

The group agreed that Allison had the best solution to the problem and ate their meal in somber reflection, happy to have each other,  and sad for those who didn’t have those kinds of connections.

There’s always a chance for peace if people give it a shot.

The four left arm in arm to go for a walk around the block before retiring to their houses.


*From a CBC News article I read this morning.

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