The Apartment Drama: Unexpected Twist

It was a non descript afternoon.  I was just about ready for a good shave when I received a text from Gene.

Sounds great to me.  I’ll finish what I’m doing and then get at them.  In the passing of time Gene comes home and the following conversation happens.

G: “What’s happening?”

B: “I’m still waiting for the oven to pre heat.”

”That’s not good.  I was hoping everything would be nearly done by now!  This is going to mess with my pill schedule.”

”So, when you said any time, you really meant right away.”

“Yes!  I’m going to have to be really specific when I’m talking to you from now on.  You should be roommates with someone with a college degree!”

”I’m sorry I messed up.”

”Well…yeah you did.”

Gene’s pill schedule changes slightly every day which makes it nearly impossible for others to keep track of.  Also, Gene lives by the seat of his pants, free as a bird, not caring about when exactly we eat supper.  So, it was odd that he would suddenly become disciplined and regimented.  In the end, Gene only had to wait ten extra minutes and it didn’t affect his pills.

Looks like this one is on me.  Bet you didn’t see that coming.  I need to get a better understanding of semantics so I can get back to being able to communicate well with other people.

Necer a dull moment around here.

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  1. Looks the opposite of “this one is on me.”

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