TTD Chapter 10: Catching Up

Lawson had a swarm of ideas flowing through his head.  He still couldn’t believe that as far as he was concerned he was about the marry the most beautiful woman in the world.  Part of him feld bad for Ted, as if he had stolen Allison from him.  However, she was the one who said yes.  She obviously wanted this to happen.

Since becoming engaged, Time was  a blur.  So many things to take care of.  Lawson became disgruntled at the sheer amount of work that went into becoming married.  On the other hand, Allison was taking everything confidently in stride.  She should have been the one to propose to Lawson.  Leadership and organization was in her DNA.  Lawson considered this another blessing in his life as they worked together toward a comon goal.


In addition to becoming a partner in the firm, Ted adopted a new routine of working out of Nicole’s office.  He could have had his own office, but Nicole explained to him that she liked being able to spend as much time together as possible.  Whatever Nicole said became law.  She was the one in charge of their relationship.  Ted was fine with this.  It was a load off his mind.  For the foreseeable future he wouldn’t have to make any decisions.

Today, Ted entered Nicole’s office.  Instead of being greeted with a customary forbidden kiss, Ted was met with a dark room littered with candles.  Nicole stood in the middle of the room in the same black dress she had worn on what was their first date, that Ted had been unaware of.

“Ted,  I want you to marry me.  I want us to become a power couple.”  Nicole stated.

“I like the Idea of that!”  Ted replied.

“Put my previously picked out engagement ring on my finger, please.”  Nicole said.

Ted did what he was told.  They embraced quickly.  Suddenly it was all over.  Nicole had turned on the lights and was blowing out candles.  Things had to appear business as usual, since this hastly arranged proposal was taking place during business hours.  There would be plenty of time to celebrate at the upcoming wedding.

For now, Ted and Nicole had to focus on improving the lives of average people.

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