TTD Chapter 12: Double Wedding

The sanctuary was set. Ted and tLawson had made certain that their wives to be would come down two completely different aisles.  Ted and Lawson were separated by a fair distance at the front.  All that was left now was the final wait for Nicole and Alison to come down their aisles.  In the middle of it all stood the minister.  He was going to have his work cut out for him today.

The ushers were filing in twice the amount of guests, taking care to seat each in the proper part of the sanctuary to be closest to the event that he or she actually wanted to participate in.

Then, the organist started to play.  The first of many moments of truth was on both Ted and Lawson.   Everyone turned their heads to the back doors.  Nicole and Alison emerged with thier bridesmaids and walked down their separate aisles.  Upon reaching their lovers, as if on cue, each cuffed their man in the back of the head.  Deep down both Ted and Lawson knew they deserved it.

“Ladies and gentlemen.”   The minister began.  “This is not a mix and match situation.  We are merely making the best of a clerical error.  On the bright side…two dresses!”

The crowd laughed nervously.

The minister began to read for Ephesians 5.  He walked back and fourth between the two couples as he read.

Then came the difficult part.  The vows.

Running between the two couples the minister asked all the traditional questions noting the enthusiastic “I Dos” from the men, followed by slightly disgruntled “I do’s” from the women who obviously did not expect to be sharing this day with another couple and their guests.

The two couples proceeded to opposite sides of the sanctuary to sign the proper wedding registries as dueling instrumental music tracks played in the background.  It was truly a jumbled mess.

“I now pronounce all four of you husband and wife…but only to the ones you were planning on marrying today!”  The minister said cheerfully.

Without another word the double recessional began.  Each bride firmly dragging her groom by the elbow.  Not the standard sort of situation you would see by any means.  However, this was not a standard wedding.

Once outside, the reckoning began.

“How could you do this to us?”   Alison screamed.

“It was so embarrassing!”  Nicole remarked.

“The important thing is we all got married to the right people.”  Lawson mentioned.

“And the receptions are in different places. Ted continued.

This did little to dissuade the collective wrath of the women.  Ted and Lawson were dragged to their cars and instructed to “DRIVE!”   This request was immediately granted.  Both men sped off, in opposite directions, with their wives in tow.  Under the circumstances, both Ted and Lawson had come to terms with the undeniable fact that today would most likely be the last they would see of each other.  At this point, both cars were far away from each other, yet driving  on parallel streets into the sunset, bringing this story to an aesthetically pleasing end.



Ted and Nicole would go on to be the most successful lawyers in the area.

They would have six kids.  Plenty to keep the practice going for another generation at least.


Lawson and Allison became fitness activists, having one child, so they could put all their efforts into making her the best she could be.

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