TTD Chapter 7: Breaking Point

Ted woke up with a fire in his loins, or was it his stomach.  Either way, this was the day his life was going to change.  He was going to win today if it killed him.  Upon arriving at work, instead of doing his usual humble walk to his office, Ted marched right into Nicole’s office and slammed the door behind him.

“I want you to let me write the bar exam.”  Ted stated.

“You may attempt at the next available opportunity.” Nicole said.

“I don’t think you heard me.  I want to write the bar!”  Ted exclaimed.  “I have more to offer to this company than just typing the same things every day for the rest of my life!”

“I will let you know when the next opportunity is.”  Nicole stated robotically.

“Make an opportunity for me!  I know I can do it!”  Ted screamed.  “I need progress!  I need change!”

“We all need those things, Ted.”  Nicole said.

“Then you understand.”  Ted said blandly.

“I understand that you are fired and that I’m going to find another typist.”

Ted stormed out of the room, snagging a bar exam practice test on his way out.  Only now realizing that his rage was uncalled for.  At least his home was paid off while he looked at other employment options.  To make himself feel better, Ted filled out the practice test and mailed it to Nicole, along with the following letter.



The way I conducted myself in your office this morning was inexcusable.
The truth is that I am very passionate about advancing my carer.
I wanted to accomplish so much more for the company.
I wanted to become partner.
Instead, I threw that all away.
Please see the attached bar exam practice test that I admittedly stole from your office on the way out.  Judge for yourself whether or not I am worthy to attempt the bar exam.
I hope someday that we can make amends.

Yours forever,






Ted’s cursive writing was garbage.  There was a reason he was a typist and not a calligrapher.

Yours forever?  Were they lovers?  Ted knew he didn’t have a chance with Nicole before, let alone now, being fired and all.  Oh well, he had written the letter in pen and he wasn’t about to use whiteout to further tarnish his reputation.

Ted mailed the letter and went straight to sleep.  There was nothing left to do today.  Nothing to do but wait and see what came of his actions.

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