TTD Chapter 8: Deuce

Ted awoke to a grey morning that matched his mood.  He had gotten used to the idea of progressive success.  Suddenly, it would seem that he was inundated with setbacks at every turn.  Ted made himself a humble breakfast.  He was not in the mood to indulge creativity.  He was once again unemployed, and nobody seemed to want him socially.  The good times never seemed to last long enough.

Ted checked his email.  Most of it was spam.  However, there was one remarkable note.  From Nicole.




I received your practice test.  You’ve passed with flying colours.   I wholeheartedly admit that I made a mistake in pushing back your ambitions.  I did not realize that you were that serious and ready.

I want to formally invite you to take the bar exam today.
After that, I would like you to meet me at 54 Parsnip Street so that I can discuss an exciting job opportunity with you.

Yours forever,



Ted looked at his watch.  It was 9:54 a.m.   If he hurried, he could write the exam before the end of the day.  First of all he had questions for Nicole.  Ted rushed off to his former place of employment.  Opportunities for redemption were few and far between.  Ted marched professionally, and not angrily into Nicole’s office.

“I’m ready to write!  But I’m not sure why you want me back after you fired me.”  Ted stated.

“I wanted to make sure you wanted it.”  Nicole stated.

“I’m sure there was an easier way to go about that.”  Ted said.

“You have to be able to perform under unexpected pressure.”  Nicole answered.  “Get writing!”

That was all the motivation Ted needed.  He grabbed the test and flew through it as fast as he could.  There was a time limit after all.

“Thank you for the opportunity.”  Ted said.

“I will inform you of the results when you meet me at La Cousina Romantica.”  Nicole said.

Ted thought that was a strange place for a job interview, but he showed up faithfully none the less.

“You again.” said the host.

“I have a reservation with Nicole Swanson.”  Ted stated professionally.

“No way!  You’re really moving up in the world!”  The host remarked.

“We are business associates.”  Ted explained.   The host lead Ted to Nicole’s table where she was waiting, wearing a black dress.  This was different than the professional pant suits that Ted was accustomed to seeing Nicole wear.

“Pretty fancy for a job interview.”  Ted stated.

“It’s not a job interview.  This is a date, with a small amount of business.  You passed the bar exam, and I want to make you partner in my firm.   I’m willing to do whatever that takes to keep you around.  I can’t lose you to another firm”  She glanced over to a corner booth where Allison and Lawson were enjoying yet another date.  “I know you want to be loved.”  Nicole said.

Ted couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  How did Lawson and Allison know he was here yet again?  Do they come here every night?  He hadn’t sen either of them in the tiny house community for the last few days.  No matter.   Ted had bigger things to sort out now.

“This is wonderful, but it seems too good to be true.”  Ted said.

“Things happen fast when you find success.”  Nicole said, smiling.  “With a partner salary, you’ll be able to move out of that tiny house camp, and we will be able to have a good life together.”  Nicole said.

“You’re getting all this from one date!”  Ted exclaimed.  “Why me?  You could have anyone you want?”  Ted mentioned.  He hoped it didn’t sound like complaining.

“Simple.”  Nicole said.  “I’m going to need someone who is slightly younger when I am in my old age.”

“So, you’re just using me.”  Ted said.

“We can learn to build something great together over time.  You do as you are told, and you will not leave me.”   Nicole said.  “It’s going to work out just fine.”

“If you say so.”  Ted replied.  He was still in disbelief.  This was not the way these things usually worked.  However, Ted was determined to roll with it.  Some opportunities only show up once.


Lawson stared into Allison’s eyes.  He was overjoyed with how their relationship blossomed out of nowhere.  Everything happened so quickly.  In spite of that he was already ready to ask a big question.  They had a lengthy discussion about their day and Lawson was merely waiting for a lull in the conversation.  Seeing one, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.  Dropping to one knee he asked simply “Wanna go for it?”

Looking at the ring, Allison replied, “Yeah I really do.”  They immediately returned to eating.

Lawson had dreamed of a simple proposal without any dramatic monologues.  The night couldn’t have gone any better.

Change was afoot for everyone.  You never know when it will come knocking on your metaphorical door.

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