Update On Penguin

As you saw on the most recent episode of “The 7:30 Show” Penguin was not too happy when Bear and Strawberry announced that they would be moving out.  That was the start of a period of deep depression for Penguin.  When Bear and Strawberry and the other executives caught wind of this they were shocked, although not surprised at this.  After all Bear and Strawberry did leave penguin quite alone when they went away to have a honeymoon and build their life together.  This would cause Penguin to become depressed.   The remedy for this depression…only Penguin knows.  The following quote was captured during one of Penguin’s lamenting sessions.

“I just wanna do another 7:30 Show with all of my best friends…then I won’t be depressed!”


Fortunately Penguin has the support of his loving family.

“I hope he gets over it soon.”

-Jordan The Parrot (Penguin’s Father)

“Come home and eat some supper with us!!!”

-Peggy (The Horse with Wings…also happens to be Penguin’s mother.)

Yes another episode would do the trick! and you can be sure that we will do one once Bear and Strawberry get back from their honeymoon.

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