Virtual Friendships

It’s a new era  The era of the online “friend” or person.  Social networking has allowed us to become closer to people than ever before…but when was the last time you actually got to hang out with your friends?  Our lives are so busy these days with various things, that instead of trying to hang out with our friends and spend quality time with the people we care about the most…we simply leave a message on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed.  More and more relationships start off exclusively online.  What started out as a way to make people come closer together has actually caused the world to drift apart so it would seem.  I don’t know, perhaps I’m just feeling a little lonely or something…but do you really know that I’m lonely?  People can say whatever they want online.  Remember that, especially if you’re into that crazy online dating scene.  As much as the virtual world tries, it cannot be complete reality…and it can’t beat it either!  Real friends are much better than just virtual ones.

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