Waiting And Trusting

It’s hard to wait.  I’m not ashamed to say that.  In this culture of instant gratification it can be very hard to wait for anything these days.  It can be even harder to wait on God when he tells us to wait on him.  I’ve found this especially true when I have nothing going on at the moment.  The temptation is to go out and make something happen even though God may still want me to wait for him.  Usually if I try to go do something on my own before God may be ready for me to do it, then it typically ends in failure.  The worry is that if I don’t do something right now then it will never happen ever.  All this worry ever does is prove that I need to work on trusting God more than I do right now.  I really want to trust God, after all he takes care of everything in creation so why wouldn’t he be able to work out my situation in his time.  Just have to keep waiting and trusting…and trust him more than I have been.

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