What’s Next?

One of the big questions that gets asked of every university student, second only to “What’s your Major?  is What’s Next for You?    MY ANSWER: I Don’t Know!
Everyone seems to want to know.  Some expect elabourate plans, others are content that you seem to have some sort of direction in some faccet of your life.  Others are shocked when you have no real plan.

I would fall into thhe second category.  I have ideas, but as far as what exactly is next for me.  I’m not exactly sure.  Fortunately God is all knowing and has control of where my life is going.  God will reveal what he wants to do through me, all I have to do is wait patiently for the next step.  I stand on the threshold of the unknown as far as the future is concerned, but God has been faithful to me so far, and from what I know of God it’s not like he’ll leave me hanging, I just have to wait patiently until he reveals his will for me in this upcoming chapter of llife.

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