AntiLite: Forward


This is a new short story endeavor of mine.  It is not a sequel to Thoughts; Open Access, because honestly, I killed off too many characters for that story to continue, and they were all flat and poorly developed .  In this new story, I will explore a question that intrigues me.   Many people see darkness as the absence of light.  What if there’s more to it than that?  What is true darkness and how dark is it?

Also, darkness, is seen as a problem that needs to overcoming.  How does this truly happen?   Together, you the reader, and I will delve into these questions over the passing of time.  I will write this story, chapter by chapter, on my blog.  That seemed to work well last time, and it worked well enough for Charles Dickens, so I will do this again.

Hope you enjoy this new adventure.

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