Crazy Telemarketers

I was settling into another typical Friday afternoon when the phone rings.  A female voice is on the other end, however, none of my friends have that particular accent.  This particular woman sounded like she was from India (which is not a bad thing…but right then and there I knew what I was in for).  She was a telemarketer.  She was in the business of selling life insurance via a certain bank which I am affiliated with…which explains how she got my number in the first place.  She then explained to me that since I am in the proper age bracket (Somewhere between 18 and 75) I should apply for life insurance in the event that I die randomly in a car accident, plane crash, or a Nuclear Holocaust…the list went on but I can’t remember anything else that was on it.  She mentioned that if I did indeed fall for her life insurance plan, my spouse would get 1 Million.  Then she asked me if I did indeed have a spouse, and I said No (because you can’t just lie about these things). She then said “Oh” rather down-heartedly as if it was a problem…she probably knew at that point that she wasn’t going to get any business from me  Then I thanked her for letting me know the option was out there but I wasn’t interested at the time.  (It’s good to let them down nicely…they take enough crap from people as it is.)

But it doesn’t stop there, after I had finally finished with one telemarketer…another called me up on my cell phone (apparently they are allowed to do that now) and tried to inform me that I could win a cruise to the Bahamas if I answered a few simple questions.  Having been annoyed at the first telemarketer for reminding me that I could die at any moment and that I was still single…I just hung up on the other one, because I didn’t feel like dealing with telemarketers anymore.

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