Trash Teeth: Evil Thoughts

Jalleed wandered hom

Jalleed wandered home feeling a mild throbbing in his nose.  How could that man have treated him that way.  “Trash Teeth!”  What is the meaning of that derogatory remark? He would get his!  But how would he do it.  Perhaps he could sneak into the man’s dwelling and bite a critical artery while he slept.  No, that would never work.  Jalleed did not know where this man  lived, and besides, the man would never feel it in his sleep.

Jalleed wanted the man to feel as he felt.  Maybe a small fire would do the trick.  After they had worked so hard to build their masterpiece, yes, then their work would be in vain.  This would cause equal harm to each man on the project.  Jalleed liked this idea and began to brainstorm ways in which to get the necessary materials for his revenge plan.

Suddenly, he ran into his stunning wife and they spent a good portion of the day nuzzling each other.  Onyx made him temporarily forget about his troubles.  All good plans can age a day before being put into effect anyway..

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