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Geoff and Loretta stared blankly at the headstone.  Neither of them could believe that they had just buried their youngest son.  They had decided to have a very private ceremony in order to put Richard to rest and bring some closure to this part of their lives.  The funeral was not advertised due to the media frenzy that would most likely ensue.

“Something about this just doesn’t feel right,” said Loretta

“He was incredibly stiff when we lowered him into the ground,” said Geoff

“We should have informed David!” Loretta cried.

“David is in no shape to be at an event like this.  He can’t accept the truth of the situation,” said Geoff.  ‘His recent outbursts and the events that took place at the cabin tell me he’s not fit for public life at the moment.  Our son is in the safest place he can be.”

Loretta began to weep.  In a sense she had lost both her sons in a very short period of time.  Geoff led her back to the car and they headed home.

Upon returning home, Geoff proceeded to his study and sat in his favorite chair.  picking up a small microphone, he began to dictate the events of the day.  He had begun doing this so he could remember one day from the next.  Ever since his boys had their troubles, he had experienced issues with remembering one day from the next.  Anxiety was high in the Pringle household.


“Good Morning David,” an automated voice chirped in his ear.  “The current date is September 23, 2071.  We’ll be in for a mix of sun and cloud, with a high of 19 degrees.  You won’t be able to see it though.”

David awoke in a cold sweat.  He was in a room surrounded by soft white cushions.  The doctors had been able to save him from what would have been a horrible fate if everything had gone according to his plan.  David tried to clench his teeth, he quickly found he could not.  This caused him to scream in anger despite all of the medication he was on.  David was strapped to many tubes which fed him and delivered many different kinds medication as needed in order to keep him as balanced as possible.  The tubes were slack enough to allow him to move about his cell, but he was not to exit it.  There was no way to distinguish the door from the walls in this place.  David was trapped but his ample drugs made him feel alright about his situation.

“You will notice that your teeth have been removed,” said the automated voice.

This was carried out at the request of David’s father, who did not want him to chew through an artery and end his life that way.

“No kidding,” David tried to say.  “Are you in cooperation with the other voice inside my head?” David asked.

“No, but this is a new development we should explore later,” said the automated voice.  “I have an equally important thing to tell you that you need to know about.”

The truth was, this voice was being controlled by the doctors that were observing him around the clock.  The medication had managed to keep Anxiety out of the picture for now.

“What would that be?” David asked.

“Your brother Richard’s body was laid to rest yesterday,” said the automated voice.

“No!” David screamed, immediately filled with rage.  The doctors had not figured out how to curb this initial response to the topic of Richard.

“It’s true, David, I’m so sorry,” said the automated voice.

“If it was true I would have been at the funeral,” said David.

“You are not fit to be out in public at the moment,” the automated voice said firmly.

“I will not believe you until I’ve seen my brother’s body with my own eyes, under the influence of no drug whatsoever!” David stated.

“That will be a while,” the automated voice deadpanned.

The doctors immediately injected David with a quick acting sedative and he slumped to the floor in a puddle of sweat.  He was left to wonder which was worse, Anxiety, or this new smooth talking predator.  He didn’t have much time to think as he succumbed to drug induced sleep.

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