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Richard prepared the vessel for re-entry.  In order to not be spotted by anyone, especially homeland security, Richard activated a cloaking mechanism that caused the ship and its passengers to become completely invisible.  He was glad he had come up with that idea.  Though, if he had not, he did have the orb to cover anything they might need.

For a brief moment the view out the windshield was enveloped in flames as the ship and its passengers entered Earth’s atmosphere.  However, under cover of invisibility, Richard and Olive were able to freely enter without being detected by any kind of intelligence.

“This is the South Pole, Olive,” said Richard.  “I’m glad we get to see it from the comfort of our climate controlled environment.  It would be very cold otherwise.”

“I can’t even imagine,” said Olive.

The two sped onward, flying over the Andes Mountains, in seconds the Gulf of Mexico appeared before them.”

“We can go anywhere you want,”  said Richard.  “Where to?”

“Let’s go visit your brother,” suggested Olive.

“Very well, my dear.  The world is our oyster and we will have plenty of time to see it after I suppose,” said Richard.  He adjusted course of the vessel so that they would head toward British Columbia.

In seconds they were hovering over the city of Vancouver.  Richard got out of his seat, taking the canvas bag, containing the orb with him. He encouraged Olive to follow him.

“Why do you want me to come back here?” asked Olive.

Richard gestured toward an object resting under a tarp.   Two seconds later the mystery was unveiled and that which was hidden became visible.  Before them stood a smaller vehicle, about the size of a smart car.

“Your chariot awaits, my dear,” said Richard.  “This will be especially helpful for when we have to navigate inner city traffic.”

“Does this have cloaking too?” Olive asked.

“For the descent, absolutely, but I’ll turn it off when we’re on the road.  I want to show this thing, and you, off.” Richard said.

Olive smiled at him, “Alright then,” she said as she got into her seat.   Richard was beside her almost immediately.  He activated a switch which caused an external hatch to open and recess into the side of the ship.  Richard accelerated  out into the blue sky.   After free falling for a brief period of time Richard initiated the parachute  device to slow their decent.  He also used jet engines in order to position the car so that it would land on its wheels.  They came to rest in a next to empty parking lot.

“So far so good,” said Richard.

“How did you become so skilled at flying things in such a short period of time?” Olive asked.

“I’m just naturally gifted that way, my wife!” Richard said.

He eased the car out into traffic in full view of the general public.  After half an hour of meandering through city traffic they were parked at the entrance of David’s condo complex.

The two briskly entered the building and walked toward the elevator.  Taking a paper from a rack in the elevator, Richard discovered that he had been gone for a period of two months in earth time.  He would deal with those complications one by one as they came up.  Right now he had to see his brother.

The elevator stopped.  Richard and Olive made their way to unit 3407.

“I can’t wait for you to meet my brother,” said Richard.  Then he will know that you’re as real as ever and he won’t make fun of me for that dream I had two months ago, Richard thought to himself.

“I’m happy to meet your brother, and the rest of your family once you show them to me,” said Olive.

Now was the moment of truth.  Richard knocked on the door.  He heard footsteps.  The door opened.  An elderly couple greeted them.

“Hello,” said Richard, slightly taken aback as he was not expecting them.  “I’m looking for my brother.  It would seem that I’m in the wrong place?”

The woman shuddered,  her husband tried to comfort her.  “You’re in the right place young man,” she said.  This is David’s home  David is on the east coast.  He’s been taken  to a safe place.  His children are visiting their mother in prison for the day.”   At that moment the pain was too much for her and she quickly retired to her room.

“Looks like we’ll have to catch a flight East,” Richard said.  “Thanks for all your help.

“Don’t go there, son.  He’s not the same,” said the man.

“I have to,” said Richard. “He’s my brother,”

Once back on the street, Richard and Olive buckled themselves into the captains chairs of their little car.  Richard thought about being back on the ship, and in that moment, through the power of the Orb, both humans and their vehicle were immediately transported to the ship.  Richard set a course for the east coast.  Richard thought about finding David.  Immediately his location showed up on a convenient display.  He was in a large building in downtown Halifax.  Something about the place did not feel right.  They had to find his brother now!

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