Exit: Grief’s Answer

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Loretta Pringle heard three sharp wraps at the door.  She dutifully walked over to answer it.  She saw Gerald, hat in hand with the autopsy report.

“Come in,” she said.

Gerald entered and began the speech he had rehearsed on the ride over.  “I’m sorry to bother you Loretta but we have some rather breaking news.  Last night Richard’s body was found buried under a mound of dirt in the middle of a wooded area.  The coroner’s best guess was that Richard had fallen into a sink hole and died of asphyxiation.”

Loretta screamed in grief.

“I can understand that you are upset.”  Gerald said.  “Is Geoff home?  The two of you will have many arrangements to make.”  He reached out a hand to comfort her, but she batted it away.  “Don’t touch me!  My husband is at work.  What have you done with the body?” Loretta yelled.  The sudden pain of the loss of her youngest son was too much for her to handle with dignity.

“Richard is currently resting at the Public Morgue. Drawer number P-189147125.  You and Geoff should make time to visit soon.  The staff there have been made aware of the situation and will make every effort to accommodate whatever you and Geoff see fit to do.” Gerald stated.

As quickly as he had come, Gerald left a weeping Loretta at her doorstep.  He had many affairs to attend to back at the office, and they could not wait any longer.

After a period of time, Loretta came to her senses.  She contacted Geoff and explained the situation.  He did his best to comfort her, but to no avail, over the phone.   He arranged to pick her up after he was finished at work for the day.

Loretta’s next call was to David.  The phone rang once, twice, then several more times.  Loretta saw her knuckles getting white and all of her muscles were tense.   Suddenly she was transferred to David’s voicemail, but at that moment all she could do was cry loudly into the receiver.  Unable to put together a complete sentence, Loretta cancelled the call.   She ran for the front door of the condo.  She had to get some air!

As she opened the door she collapsed into her husband’s arms.  Filled with compassion for her, Geoff helped Loretta from their condo to the car for the trip neither wanted to make.

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