Exit: The Discovery

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David carefully climbed the extension ladder up to the roof of the cabin.  He nimbly traversed the length and breadth of the steeply angled roof without harness.  The roof was built at a steep angle on purpose.  David never liked to have to shovel snow off of it in the winter.  Why not let gravity do the work?  Noting a few small spots in need of some repair, David returned to the ladder.  Bracing his feet on the outside of both of the ladder legs, David descended to the ground quickly and without incident.  Richard had taken much longer to bring the tools out to David than was originally expected.  David decided to return to the cottage briefly in order to help his brother.

David opened the front door of the cabin.  It was deathly quiet.

David rushed to Richard’s room.  Turning on the light he saw the tool box he was looking for.  It was open, not a tool was out of place.

David began to feel even more wary, and confused.

Closing the tool box and taking it with him, David searched the cabin for Richard, but he could find him nowhere.

David returned to the roof for a higher vantage point, and to fix the places on the roof which needed some aid.  From this perch, David figured that his keen eyes might pick out Richard if he had wandered into the nearby woods for some reason.

After twenty minutes of wide angle surveying,  David had to come to grips with the slowly revealed fact that Richard may be more lost than he had anticipated.

David was not about to give up searching for his brother.   He abandoned the roof and placed the tools back in the cabin.  Gathering his hiking gear and some other useful items for a pursuit such as this,  David emerged from the cabin and headed out into the woods.  He had a good sense of navigation and he was not about to involve local law enforcement in the search for Richard until he thought absolutely necessary.  It was still early on Saturday.  David knew of Richard’s impeccable work attendance record.  Surely Richard would return soon.  He had his responsibilities to take care of.  There was no doubt Richard would have an interesting anecdote to share once he was found.

David would spend the rest of the day searching for his brother.  If he could not find him on his own, David would expand the search and get help.

No need to get too carried away too much yet though.  Cooler heads prevail in these situations.

Or so he thought.


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