Myopia: It’s Not Magic

I received this interesting comment on one of my previous stories a few days ago.


“We hope you’re doing well. By the way, myopia doesn’t happen magically – it’s the result of a combination of prescription abuse and prolonged close work at short reading distances. Myopia rehabilitation can help.”


First of all, Thank you for posting.  I appreciate all the comments I get.

Of course Myopia is not magic, but my version of it did not originate from from prescription abuse or prolonged close work at short reading distances .

I’ve had myopia since I was born.  It can be hereditary too.  Several of my mother’s uncles had myopia along with congenital stationary night blindness and nystagmus.  (check out my “Prologue” post for short definitions of all of these)  It runs in the males in that side of the family, so that’s how I ended up with it.

As a result of having myopia,  it is  much easier to read things at short distances.  Even though I have correction with glasses I am still “Legally Blind” according to the government.

I’m not complaining about any of that.  The whole point of this blog is just to write stories about what it’s like to live with all those things at once.

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