This Is A Fork

One night I was having dinner with some dear friends of mine.  It was a great ham dinner.  One for the ages really.  My friends, who we’ll call Gordon and Ethel had done a fantastic job preparing it for us.  Several more of our friends were there.  The plan was to eat, and then have a Bible Study.  We were going through the book of Colossians.

As it came time to pass out the plates and silverware down the long table which we are eating at, because that’s the way they happened to be doing it.  Gordon and Ethel’s youngest daughter who we’ll call Geraldine, passes me a knife and spoon, and then exclaims loudly, “…and this is a fork!”  as she passes it to me.  I’ve known Geraldine for a while now through Church and this after school kids program that I help out with.  Geraldine knows that I am near sighted.  However, Geraldine equates that with being completely blind, which is just not true.  I thought about explaining the difference to her, but then decided to smile and move on.

The next week, at said after school kids program that I help out with,  we were doing Bible trivia with fly swatters.  There were a bunch of possible answers written on the board and we had to hit one with the fly swatter as soon as the question was asked, or at least before the other person did.

I was pitted against Geraldine (Leaders were allowed to play too) and she was excited because she figured she had an advantage over me because she could see better.  She was not afraid to share this with everyone.

First of all, the font was huge, so that  wasn’t even an issue.  I didn’t bother to bring that up because it would have slowed down the game for no reason.

The question was asked.

We both smacked our fly swatters.

Geraldine beat me to it…but it wasn’t due to my eyesight.  Being quick on the draw is a whole different deal.

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