FP Chapter 3: Waiting

Dale and Sid trucked throughout the year.  Back and forth they went.  Dale had taken Colt’s advice and applied to the Blue Truck company.  He worked diligently at his job in the process of waiting.  He would never want to be caught twiddling.  Time was money no matter what you were doing with it, as far as Dale was concerned.

One uneventful day, Dale received what seemed to him to be a regular letter.  It seemed this way that is, until he started reading.



Dear Dale,

We have received your application to work with Blue Truck.  We are impressed with your immaculate driving record.  We are interested in what you could offer us here at our company.

Please be advised that you will be subject to an in person interview upon your arrival in Fairbanks, along with some other driving tests.  Please book your ticket and get yourself on up here!  You have the opportunity of a lifetime, provided you pass these tests.  We are looking forward to working with you.


Louis Perkins
Blue Truck Company

Dale was elated.

“Hey Dad,  I got an Ice Road Trucking job in Alaska!”

Sid read the letter.

“You’re not ni yet, but this is the next step.”  Sid said.  You had better book yourself a plane ticket though.

Dale couldn’t stop smiling.  There was so much to do.  He was right on the doorstep of his dream.

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