Wisdom Teeth

I went to the dentist today for my annual check up.  Everything went fine and was as normal as I would have expected.  Still no cavities!  However that joy was short lived as I was informed that it was finally that dreaded time in my life to have my wisdom teeth removed (which I have had for a year or so at that point) at some point within the next year or so (depending on wait times and stuff like that)

I had known from friends that this sort of tooth extraction can be quite painful…especially if you have to get all four out!  However, since it is now my turn, and there’s not good or healthy reason for avoiding this, I came home and did research on the procedure.

This is what I get to look forward to whenever I get around to having them pulled.

1.  Apparently this will happen at a hospital or clinic (in my case, one of those two)
2.  The person preforming the surgery will then knock me out with an anesthetic.  (I’ve done this before…no big deal…unless something bad happens…)  I can’t eat or drink the night before this deal.
3.  After that he will apparently cut open my gum tissue surrounding each tooth and remove any bone and stuff connected to it and then remove it…cutting it into smaller pieces if necessary.
4.  After removing the teeth they will stitch me up and then put cotton and gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding.  I will probably have to change these from time to time.
5.  Then I will be forced to relax and not lie flat….or something.  All this still to stop the bleeding which only lasts 24 hours max…supposedly.

Source: http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/kb/content/surgicaldetail/tm6328.html

I told this to some of my friends and they were immediately more concerned about it than I was.  Apparently this is some huge deal.  We’ll see how it goes when it happens.

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